Medway Case Study


Medway Council identified an opportunity to make parking simpler and more accessible for motorists to use.

Following a discovery phase, Sagoss and Medway Council agreed that Sagoss technology could be used to create a single ‘one-stop-shop’ for parking, empowering Medway Council to manage their multiple site parking portfolio in a much more efficient and effective manner.


Medway Council had identified an opportunity to make parking simpler for the public to use and make more accessible for users to handle.  The digital and parking team at Medway discovered how Sagoss technology could be used to create a single system for parking. This would make managing different parking estates a breeze and improve the parking journey for customers.

Sagoss Solution

Sagoss has completed the installation of a new ANPR-based Pay on Foot parking system at the Waterside Car Park in Rochester. The project was undertaken for Medway Council.

The Sagoss solution features;

  • Touch Screen Payment Kiosks which will accept both cashless payments including card, contactless card, Apple Pay, Google Pay and cash with coin payments with change given.
  • Medway Council branded version of the MobOn smart phone payment app.
  • IVR & SMS telephone payment.
  • High quality ANPR cameras with dual Infrared and visible spectrum number plate imaging which allows the system to select the best plate read providing a superior read rate versus conventional cameras.
  • A local server which will enable the car park to continue to operate in the event of a comms failure.

The solution includes a parking portal ( supplied by Sagoss that allows customers to register for additional services online such as;

  • Auto-Pay which allows regular customers to register their payment details and vehicle details so that parking fees are automatically charged against their account.

The Results

As a result of the implementation of the Sagoss solution, Medway Council now benefit from the following;

  • Paperless Permits
    • Blue Badge
    • Resident
    • Electric vehicle (EV)
  • Auto-Pay – allowing regular customers to register their vehicle and payment details enabling parking fees to register