Payment Solutions

Sagoss Payment Kiosks

We offer a number of payment machines to meet our clients’ versatile needs. Our machines are manufactured in the UK to the highest quality standards. Robust, secure and wrapped to your design requirements.

Sagoss Virtual Kiosk

The best virtual payment journey – directly on your mobile device

Our payment journey can now be used directly from the phone: simply scan a QR code or open a link at the facility to have access to the virtual version of our user-friendly payment machine. The entire payment process, from entering the license plate to confirming the payment, is done from the comfort of your preferred mobile device.

Sagoss Client Portal

Online payment after leaving the facility

Our online payment portal can is created for every parking system, for payment reconciliation. Using your portal, the customer can control all aspects of there account, from Permits to even paying for parking sessions.. The system uses the rule sets setup in your main account allowing you to retain full control over your parking journey, including grace periods.

Sagoss Client Portal allows your customer to manage there parking needs, reducing your direct support costs.

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