London Councils Case Study


Sagoss was selected to create a ‘haulier portal’ for London Councils.

During nights and weekends, Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) drivers can only use certain roads when making delivery trips in London known as the London Lorry Control Scheme (LLCS). The scheme is in place to control the movement of HGVs over 18 tonnes maximum gross weight and helps minimise noise pollution. The scheme is managed by London Councils on behalf of 31 London Boroughs, the City of London and on the Transport for London Road Network.

The brief for the portal included;


  • An ability to log in as a HGV company and/or driver and submit vehicle weight, dimensions and destination
  • By using the above data, an output showing permitted routes in and out of the city is presented to the haulage company/driver
  • Ability for London Council to monitor and manage haulier transportation from the data received via the portal. Ensuring vehicles are taking the pre-defined designated routes
  • Management of issuing PCNs in conjunction with Traffic Management Act (TMA) 2004 moving traffic enforcement


Challenges included;

  • The need for a permit system that interfaced with the DVLA, Traffic Enforcement Centre (TEC) and integrated emails within the uk environment.
  • Issue of PCN framework in relation to TMA 2004

Sagoss Solution

The Sagoss team built a bespoke solution that satisfied the brief in its entirety, using the Sagoss 360 platform.

Features include;

  • Provision of a customer portal, allowing Hauliers to apply for a Permit, answer enquires and manage a case
  • NSL Enforcement Officers (EO) patrol the agreed routes to ensure compliance

Enforcement process

If an HGV is found to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, the EO will record an observation through a Mobile App.

Observations are sent to back-office and the staff make enquiries (this is

a TMA2004 compliant variation Sagoss created for London Council). 

Based on enquiry-replies, staff issue a PCN. This is then progressed in accordance with a TMA 2004 progression.  

Sagoss also provide the following as part of our solution;


  • Interface with DVLA and TEC
  • Integrated email inside the environment 
  • Provision of a portal for on-line PCN appeals payments via web & Interactive Voice Response (IVR). 

    Solution Result

    • 80% reduction in cheque payments
    • 80% of correspondence moved to on-line interactions
    • Reduction in postage costs 
    • 30% increase in back-office productivity
    • 100% of problems solved remotely 
    • 68,000 HGVs currently registered on the scheme