Remember the old days?  Parking the car only to find you had no coins.  The mad dash to a newsagent to beg for change of purchase the cheapest item in the shop to break a note.

Then came phone payments, then came card payments, and then the app was born, and parking became easier.

But what since?

Covid-19 made parking cashless, at least for a while.

Aside from that, not much has changed.  Meanwhile, in the rest of the economy, customers have become extremely comfortable with the tools the internet has provided to make purchases easily. In their preferred channel, 87% of online shoppers said they would abandon their online purchase during checkout if the process was too difficult.

Isn’t it time that parking caught up?

The siloed nature of the industry makes this difficult for customers.  Different systems mean that your parking customer must maintain their payment details in multiple cashless apps, permit systems and other systems that collect payments.  Every time they get a new card or change their vehicle.  Frustrating, to say the least.

Blinkenterprise from Sagoss changes this, it’s a powerful parking management platform that covers all aspects of parking management and offers multiple payment channels so that your customer can stay in their preferred channel, phone, SMS, IVR, app, online, google pay, apple pay, autopay.

It can even interface with the most used cashless apps to allow your customer to use whichever they prefer.

Isn’t it time you made paying easier for your customers?

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It’s like parking, but better.