Freeflow ANPR

Key Benefits

• The system detects the vehicle number plate on entry and exit
• Prevents ticket swap
• No tickets or barriers
• Ideal solution for retailers, hotels, shopping centres offices and councils
• Omni payment channel
• Customer journey improved

How it works

The Freeflow system uses ANPR technology at the entry and exit point of the car park, this works in unison with the Blink Enterprise
software meaning that no barriers are required for the system to work.

All the customer must do is enter the car park and decide where to park, the tariff will automatically be calculated after the configurable grace period has ended. The customer does not have to worry about the stress of ticket loss or returning to top-up.

Once the customer is ready to leave, they can use the Park and Go kiosks to pay or validate their parking. Alternate payment methods such as an online portal, mobile payment app (from the Mobon platform) and AutoPay give the customer more choice when paying for their parking session.